Tabrez Syed, founder of, Kathryn Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer of Prosigliere, and Madhu Basu, founder of Unnanu at the Umlauf Gardens in downtown Austin.

Silicon Hills News hosted an event on Wednesday in the Crenshaw Room of the Umlauf Garden in downtown Austin to discuss tools and tips for using generative AI in the workplace. It also included some of the potential pitfalls of using the technology.

The speakers included Tabrez Syed, founder of in Austin. Syed explained what generative AI is and how it was created. He also gave an overview of its position in the Gartner Hype Cycle, which is now at its peak.  Here is the link to Syed’s presentation.

Kathryn Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer with Prosigliere and founder of DMass in Austin, discussed how Generative AI has affected the demand for jobs on Upwork. It has led to a considerable decrease in writing and customer service jobs and a significant increase in website editing and development. Lewis also provided several AI-powered tools that people use today, such as, Writesonic, Jasper, and Charlie. Her presentation is embedded below.

Silicon Hills AI

AI TRENDS, TOOLS AND TIPS Benefits and Drawbacks of ChatGPT and AI April 24, 2024

Madhu Basu is the founder of Unnanu, an artificial intelligence contextual search startup. Its flagship product is Unnanu Hire, a software-as-a-service platform with a proprietary AI and machine learning-powered resume-scoring feature. Here is a link to his presentation.

Madhu AI Presentation Slides

Overview of AI Tools and Uses Cases Understanding the Benefits and Drawbacks of ChatGPT and AI Presenting by Madhu Basu

Laura Lorek, founder of Silicon Hills News, also shared a presentation she did recently for the Ohio Northern University School of Law on the benefits and drawbacks of generative AI technology in the legal industry. The presentation is embedded below.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Generative AI in the Legal Industry

AI Innovations in the Legal Industry: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Generative AI By Laura Lorek Founder and Publisher Silicon Hills News