The Austin Technology Council is accepting nominations for its “Austin Tech Hall of Fame” awards ceremony.

ATC’s Austin Tech Hall of Fame fits into its plans to honor the past, embrace the present, and shape the future of Austin’s tech community.

ATC is asking members of the technology community to nominate individuals who have made substantial impacts on the industry as a whole.

“The launch of the Austin Tech Hall of Fame represents a revitalization of an idea we initiated many years ago. It underscores the remarkable contributions of individuals who have played pivotal roles in propelling Austin to its status as a thriving tech hub,” Thom Singer, CEO of the Austin Technology Council, said in a statement.

“The evolution of our community into a tech powerhouse has been deliberate and driven by visionary entrepreneurs, community leaders, and innovators. It’s time to pay tribute to these trailblazers and celebrate the leaders shaping Austin’s future,” Singer said.

ATC plans to hold the inaugural induction ceremony and a cocktail reception on June 4th. It will recognize six “legacy inductees” alongside this year’s “first-time founder award.”  ATC’s board of directors will select the inductees.

“We are excited to launch this program to recognize and highlight the history of the Austin technology community,” Scott Francis, founder and CEO of BP3 Global and board chair of the ATC, said in a statement. “While each of these honorees were certainly honored in their heyday, we want to share this connection with history with new and thriving entrepreneurs in Austin, today. Many of us only have a sliver of Austin’s tech history in our memory banks, and this is just another way to expand our horizons and appreciation for those who laid the foundations we build on – with ATC, our member companies, and our broader community!”

Companies interested in supporting this initiative and becoming additional sponsors of the inaugural Austin Tech Hall of Fame event are encouraged to contact Thom Singer at for further details.

Nominations can be submitted here.