Bright Machines announced plans to open a new regional office and lab in Austin.

The company, based in San Francisco, is not moving to Austin. Instead, it is opening a new San Francisco headquarters in August.

Bright Machines is opening a customer support center and robotics lab in Austin.

“The new locations signal a continued commitment by the company to contribute to two of the country’s most important tech ecosystems as the nation begins to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the company.

Bright Machines’ Austin location will have advanced product development teams as well as field operations and go-to-market functions. The office will open next year.

Since its founding in 2018, Bright Machines has had a presence in San Francisco. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the company shifted to a remote workplace.

“In 2018 we established San Francisco as our global headquarters, and today believe we have a responsibility to do our part to promote the city’s tech ecosystem by growing our local presence and building our team with the exceptional talent this city has to offer,” Fiorella Dettorre, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bright Machines, said in a news release. 

The company helps to automate manufacturing operations through artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and robotics. It has 550 employees worldwide. It also recently entered into a merger agreement with SCVX, a special purpose acquisition company, to become a publicly-traded company in the second half of 2021.