Every Tuesday at 2 p.m. Silicon Hills News hosts a tech talk featuring a local speaker.

This Tuesday, April 20th at 2 p.m., Morgan Flager, general partner of Silverton Partners, will join the Silicon Hills Tech Talk Club to discuss startups and venture capital funding in Austin. A few years ago, Silicon Hills News did this podcast with Flager on the Ideas to Invoices podcast.

Previous speakers on the Silicon Hills News Tech Talk on Clubhouse have included Krishna Srinivasan and Venu Shampant, founding partners of LiveOak Venture Partners, and Bob Metcalfe, professor of innovation at the University of Texas at Austin and Ethernet inventor.

Clubhouse is a popular social audio social network that launched in 2019 and remains an invite-only network that is only available to people with iOS devices. In its latest funding round completed this month, Clubhouse is now valued at $4 billion, according to Bloomberg.

On April 27th, Michelle Breyer, Chief Operating Officer of SKU Accelerator, will be joining the Silicon Hills Tech Talk Club to discuss the success of consumer packaged goods companies in Austin.

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