Airbrake, which makes software that tracks errors in web apps, announced this week it has raised $11 million in funding.

The company, founded in 2010, is based in San Francisco but has a large presence and office in Austin.

Austin-based Elsewhere Partners led the financing round. Airbrake has an interesting history. Exceptional bought Airbrake and merged operations in 2012. Then the company was acquired by San Antonio-based Rackspace in March of 2013 and the spun out of Rackspace as an independent company in 2015.

“Airbrake grew rapidly and profitably under the product-focused leadership of Joe Godfrey,” Nick Stoffregen, Vice President at Elsewhere Partners, said in a news release. “The company created a product that developers love, and Airbrake has grown organically as a result, without dedicated sales and marketing teams.”

Airbrake recently added several executives to its staff including Shelley Perry, executive chairman, Treb Ryan, CEO, Eric Anderson, CTO, Chad Savoy, CRO, and Joe Godfrey as CPO.

“We’re excited to continue nurturing the strong relationships Airbrake has built with customers in the developer community,” Ryan, CEO of Airbrake, said in a news release. “Once dev teams try Airbrake, they uncover real-world errors across the entire solution that they never knew existed,” Ryan said. 

“Airbrake is a textbook example of the success of product-led growth,” Perry, Executive Chairman of Airbrake, said in a news release. “This investment allows Airbrake to focus on value-led growth, which includes increasing customer feedback, building community, and investing in partnerships within the CI/CD ecosystem,” Perry said. 

Airbrake makes application monitoring service software that alerts developers when it finds an error in the code. The program can provide real-time feedback that allows developers to improve the software quickly. Airbrake has thousands of customers including Netflix, Twitch, Salesforce, TED and Adobe.