Brett Hurt, founder and CEO of

Austin-based had its best year ever in 2019, said Brett Hurt, CEO, and Co-Founder.

“2019 will go down in history as the year found enterprise product-market fit and revenue has taken off in a big way,” Hurt said. is like GitHub, the world’s largest software development platform, but it’s an open platform focused on data sets. It has built a collaborative data resource that is used by researchers, journalists, universities, companies, and others. It also mirrors the U.S. and U.K.’s open data portals, and

And last year, launched its enterprise-grade software as a service data catalog.

That product took off after bought Capsenta, which was founded at the University of Texas at Austin in 2015. Capsenta brought its data integration software, Ultrawrap and its real-time collaborative, knowledge graph schema modeling tool to And Juan Sequeda Ph.D. joined as a principal data scientist.

“It was a huge breakout year for us on the enterprise side with fortune 500 companies,” Hurt said.

Tens of thousands of companies are using for their own internal private data community and to collaborate around, Hurt said. also integrates with data programs like Tableau and Snowflake, he said. And two-thirds of the integrations have been built by the companies connecting these open data sets to their tools, Hurt said. team photo, courtesy photo also announced Tuesday that the company has successfully received recertification as a B Corporation by B Lab. A B Corp is a for-profit business that is certified by the nonprofit B Lab. It means the company voluntarily meets higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance. has been a B-Corp since it launched in 2016. It is one of only 17 Austin-based Certified B Corporations and was named a “Best for the World” honoree in the governance category by B Lab in 2017, 2018, and 2019. is bringing together people globally to collaborate on data sets addressing some of the world’s biggest problems including poverty, nutrition, and climate change, Hurt said.

“We’ve become the world’s largest collaborative data catalog and community,” Hurt said.

Since became a B Corp other technology companies have followed. Osano, a data privacy company that is part of the Hurt Family Investments, launched as a B Corp. And another one of Hurt’s portfolio companies is in the process of converting from a limited liability company to a B Corp., Hurt said.

“That’s one neat thing that has happened,” Hurt said. “We’ve become a bit of an example – it’s a much more soulful and better way of being.”

“The world is becoming a place where people care about intentionality and business and why not build that into the business from the beginning,” Hurt said.

And’s general counsel testified in the Texas House for the passage of the public benefit corporation law. In 2017, Texas was the 37th state to adopt the B-Corp law.

“You never know where good intentionality is going to take you – it’s been a decision we’ve made since the beginning of the company that has unintended consequences,” Hurt said.

For example, the government of Mozambique is using’s platform to share open data sets, Hurt said.  

“I have a call every week with some large organization like the new data science institute at the University of California at San Diego – they are trying to put something like what we do out in the world and they are looking for a platform like ours,” Hurt said. “I know that because we are a B Corp that has led to a lot of those partnerships. It’s led to this beautiful place where a lot of people proactively reach out to us because we’re a B Corp.”

Being a B Corp. has also helped with recruiting, Hurt said. Millennials and Generation Z really care about the purpose of a company, Hurt said. has 60 employees based in Austin. is Hurt’s sixth company as an entrepreneur. It is scaling rapidly and even faster than Bazaarvoice, his last company, he said. The company has raised $44.7 million to date.

 “It took two and half years of enterprise selling to get to that kind of global agreement at Bazaarvoice – at, it has taken less than one,” Hurt said. has signed one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. as a customer, Hurt said. It also signed its first global agreement with one of the largest companies in the world where any of its brands can come on board, he said.

During the last three days, has been rolling out to over 30,000 people worldwide at one of its enterprise customers, Hurt said. The companies don’t want their names publicized because gives them a proprietary advantage, he said.