Hypergiant Industries, the artificial intelligence startup in Austin, announced a big partnership Tuesday with Booz Allen Hamilton, a huge government contractor.

The deal involves Hypergiant and Booz Allen Hamilton working together to create artificial intelligence solutions and products for companies and government agencies. They plan to announce those products shortly, according to a news release. The two companies did not disclose the financial details of the deal.

Hypergiant Industries, founded in 2018, has 186 employees and offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. And now it’s establishing an office in Washington, D.C. 

“While AI holds significant opportunity, organizations often struggle to effectively implement the technology in a way that delivers real, repeatable value,” Josh Sullivan, a Booz Allen senior vice president, said in a news statement. “Our work with Hypergiant will help clients bring AI out of the lab faster, building explainable and transparent outcomes.”

Booz Allen Hamilton, based in McLean, Va., had annual revenue of $6.7 billion last year, and employees 26,400 people. It also has an office at Capital Factory in Austin.

Some of the areas Hypergiant and Booz Allen Hamilton plan to work together include in the healthcare industry. They plan to use artificial intelligence to mine vast amounts of data to enable first responders and emergency care workers to better assess and address emergency situations including buildings following a national disaster.

Another area where they will work together is on catching fraud. AI, data mining and machine learning can help the U.S. government and the I.R.S. identify patterns of fraud. Those same methods can also be used to help financial services firms identify fraudulent activities on its customers’ accounts.

Other areas include predicting fake domains that can act as delivery vehicles for malware. Also, Hypergiant and Booz Allen are working on analytics and artificial intelligence techniques to defend against malware.

“Booz Allen Hamilton has the kind of reach, scale, and knowledge that we get excited about,” Hypergiant Industries’ Chief Executive Officer Ben Lamm said in a news release. “They also have a shared mission to help companies and people change the world. Together, we will be able to leverage great technology and enable groundbreaking ideas, to tackle the world’s biggest problems.”