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Integrated software can make or break your business, but it might not feel like that now. As your business grows, you’ll develop more business processes and eventually, you’ll need software to help automate and streamline those processes. But efficient processes are seamless, and integration isn’t always that easy.

Too often we spend time trying to make our software work instead of actually getting our work done. As a small business using separate apps without integration, you’ll find your time is spent on copying and pasting information from one app to the other. You’ll spend time logging in and logging out of apps, figuring out how to transfer information, and trying to make sense of how it all works together. On top of that, many are unaware that when starting a business, you’ll be playing the role of developer and IT technician. The truth is, most of us didn’t sign up for that.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a mid-size company, it’s hard to carve out time to spend integrating your business applications. Because of how complex it can be and how much time is spent on the process, most companies resort to using third-parties like Zapier and Cloudworks, or even hiring an outside consultant to take care of the integrations for them. While these may sound like solutions to integration nightmares, these third-party services are very expensive and still time-consuming, not to mention they don’t always do what you want them to.

That’s why businesses have started to heavily prioritize applications that integrate easily to eliminate tedious copying and pasting, not to mention human error. On average, two in five data professionals spend more than half of their work week on tasks unrelated to analysis. Without integrated business software, growth can plummet because your business is spending so much time and effort on things integrations could automate or challenges fully integrating. And even once everything’s integrated, you may find that you’re left with what we call integration spaghetti, where your apps only communicate with other apps in certain ways, leading to lost productivity and inaccurate data.

So how do you avoid one of these software hairballs? Build your business with a fully integrated suite of apps. Using an integrated suite like Zoho One gives you all the apps you need to run every facet of your business in one place. That means that as you grow, you’re covered for anything you need for sales, marketing, finance, support, collaboration and productivity, HR, and more. And what’s more, all those apps communicate without expensive or time-consuming third-party services. Wouldn’t we all agree that it’s easier to keep track of tasks and business processes when they’re all in one place? Zoho One allows you to view everything from one single dashboard with one single login and analytics across your entire business.

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Editor’s note: this is a sponsored post by ZOHO.