Cristal Glangchai, Ph.D., author of Venture Girls, photo by John Davidson, Copyright Silicon Hills news.

Cristal Glangchai, Ph.D., was the founding director of the Blackstone LaunchPad and the director of the Texas Entrepreneurship Exchange at the University of Texas in Austin.

She’s also the founder and CEO of VentureLab, a non-profit that runs experiential learning programs in youth tech entrepreneurship. And she is the author of the bestselling book: Venture Girls.

Glangchai recently sat down with Silicon Hills News’ Ideas to Invoices to talk about her book: Venture Girls.

“Venture Girls was based on my experiences as a woman engineer, a women CEO, and a professor,” Glangchai said.

The book helps parents to empower girls to pursue engineering opportunities, Glangchai said.

The entrepreneurial mindset is “about opportunity seeking, persistent and grit, optimism, adaptability, creativity, lateral thinking, redefining failure,” she said.

“It’s a lot of these words that characterize what an entrepreneur is,” Glangchai said.

To be successful, an entrepreneur must surround themselves with others that are smarter than themselves and have strengths that they don’t possess, Glangchai said.

VentureLab’s mission is to spread the entrepreneurial mindset as far as possible and it provides online curriculum and training as well, Glangchai said.

And it’s never to early to start teaching entrepreneurial skills, Glangchai said.

“The entrepreneurial mindset is something we want to be teaching our kids at two or three years old,” Glangchai said.

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