Tim Ferriss, photo by Andrew Kelly

Tim Ferriss, angel investor and bestselling author and podcaster, recently moved to Austin.

For 17 years, Ferriss lived in Silicon Valley.

But now he’s a resident of Austin. Ferris is the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek,” “The 4-Hour Body,” “The 4-Hour Chef,” “Tools of Titans,” and his latest book: “Tribe of Mentors.”

“In the end, I absolutely LOVE the Bay Area, but it’s become a perverted Bizarro world version of what attracted me there in 2000,” Ferriss wrote in response to a question during an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. “Many of my best friends in the world are there, and it pained me to leave, but I had to relocate for my own sanity, growth, and happiness.”

Ferriss also wrote that he wanted to move to Austin “after college but didn’t get the job at Trilogy Software. Since 2007, I’ve visited Austin every year and felt the pull to move there each time. It’s a wonderful exploding scene of art, music, film, tech, food and more. The people are also – in general – much friendlier.”

This year, Ferriss served as keynote at the 2017 SXSW Edu event and he also interviewed Cheryl Strayed about her creative process during SXSW, according to Hugh Forrest, who wrote that Ferriss is one of his favorite SXSW speakers in a blog post on Medium.

Last Saturday, Ferriss spoke and did a book signing at Book People for his latest book, “Tribe of Mentors.”

Other reasons Ferriss cited for moving to Austin include BBQ and that he really likes the sun and San Francisco is foggy and that the Golden Gate Bridge is a terrorist target and he likes to be someplace with a lower profile.

And Austin is “far more dog friendly than SF,” according to Ferriss.

“Sometimes you need to think about the “where” of happiness and change your scenery to prompt new chapters in your life,” Ferriss wrote.

Want more? Ferriss also did this Q&A with Austin Monthly about moving here.

And even more Ferriss on moving to Austin, including a video, at Business Insider.

“There has come to be a level of intellectual smugness that I found with every passing month that I spent there a little less tolerable,” Ferriss in the video on Business Insider about why he moved from California’s Silicon Valley to Texas’ Silicon Hills. “Close-mindedness masquerading as open-mindedness.”