Kayla Conti from Google shows off its latest line of hardware, made by Google.

Earlier this month, Google introduced its second generation of consumer hardware products, all made by Google.

On Friday at its downtown Austin office, Google showed off its new Pixel 2 phone, Google Home Mini, Google Clips hands-free camera, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset. The products harness advanced artificial intelligence to assist consumers. Google also had a mobile truck parked at the Rainey Street District on Saturday that showed the products to the public and gave away Voodoo donuts to visitors.

Google showcased the following products: the $649 Pixel 2 with the best camera of any smartphone and augmented reality capabilities, $49 Google Home Mini with the artificial intelligence Google Assistant, $159 Pixel buds that lets users connect easily to the Google Assistant, the updated $99 Daydream View, a mobile virtual reality headset, and $249 Google Clips, a tiny mobile camera.

“Across all these devices, you can interact with the Google Assistant any way you want—talk to it with your Google Home or your Pixel Buds, squeeze your Pixel 2, or use your Pixelbook’s Assistant key or circle things on your screen with the Pixelbook Pen,” Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of hardware at Google, wrote in a blog post. “Wherever you are, and on any device with the Assistant, you can connect to the information you need and get help with the tasks to get you through your day. No other assistive technology comes close, and it continues to get better every day.”

In the video, Kayla Conti from Google shows off some of Google’s latest hardware products at Google’s office in downtown Austin.