The ability to deliver groceries to consumers’ home efficiently and economically has long been a dream of the technology industry.

The Dot Com era is littered with startups that tried to do just that and among the biggest ventures was Webvan, an idea way ahead of its time.

But now it looks like the timing is right for the technology industry and the grocery giants to team up to bring those goods to the doorsteps of consumers.

And on Tuesday, Google took a giant step with Walmart to make that happen. In a blog post, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce at Google, announced a major partnership with Walmart to deliver thousands of products from Walmart to the home through voice commands with the Assistant on Google Home or on the Google Express website or app.

“Shopping isn’t always as easy as it should be,” according to the blog post. “When was the last time you needed to pick up something from the store but didn’t have the time to make the trip? Or you went to the store only to realize they didn’t have the brand you wanted? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get what you want, however you want, from the stores where you already shop? We launched Google Express and shopping on the Google Assistant to do just that: make it faster and easier for you to shop your stores like Costco, Target and now Walmart.”

Google is letting Walmart shoppers link their account to Google to “receive personalized shopping results based on your online and in-store Walmart purchases.”

Walmart will launch on Google Express in late September. Starting today, Google is offering free delivery on Google Express for customer orders that are above each store’s minimum.

The Google and Walmart partnership comes on the heels of the Amazon and Whole Foods deal. In June, Amazon announced plans to buy Austin-based Whole Foods in a deal valued at $13.7 billion. That deal makes it easier for Amazon to provide grocery delivery service to consumers through its Alexa voice activated personal assistant.