Mariana Lopez, co-founder of this week officially launched its app that lets companies remotely moderate conversations online with customers in a few simple and easy steps.

The Austin-based startup is aiming the product at the design and research community that wants to improve website performance and other products.

The cloud-based subscription service provides fast and easy feedback from customers and gives researchers the data they need to make improvements.

“ was born out of a collective frustration UX professionals experienced when having to perform user research and usability testing across multiple technologies,” Mariana Lopez,’s co-founder and director of product, said in a news release.

“Our goal is to shorten the feedback loop with an all-in-one tool that delivers better design outcomes and return on investment for a company’s design and research efforts.”

Instead of relying on multiple tools to do customer research, streamlines the process in one app with screen sharing built in, notetaking and video editing tools. It offers a 30-day free trial and tiered levels of service after that ranging from basic to expert.

“UX design and research are fast-growing disciplines because more companies are realizing that the user experience is key to achieving strategic goals like revenue growth and long-term customer loyalty,” Chris Sader, co-founder and Product Strategist at, said in a news release. “We designed for UX design teams, researchers and startup founders who want to learn from their customers or users as fast as possible and with the least amount of friction.”

Lopez and Sader each graduated with a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon and Texas Tech, respectively.