San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the country and is home to giant companies like Rackspace, USAA, HEB, Valero and the Argo Group.

But three years ago, San Antonio didn’t even have a booth at the trade show at South by Southwest Interactive, the largest technology show in Texas.

A lot has changed since then. Last year, San Antonio made a big splash at South by thanks to a nonprofit group called Choose SA. It created the first ever SATX at SXSW, which involved renting out a bar on sixth street and hosting panels and parties and also putting a booth up at the convention center at the trade show.

This year, Choose SA plans an even bigger presence at SXSW. They’ll have T-shirts and temporary tattoos. And Choose SA even got VIA, the metropolitan bus company, to sponsor daily bus rides to the show from the Burleson Yard located, on of all things, Austin street. And it’s got a mobile phone app with all of the activities listed featuring San Antonio at the show.

This year, Casa San Antonio will be hosted in a different part of Austin. It’s at Half Step, a bar on Rainey Street. That is where a whole host of panels will be held. It’s also the site of a special panel on “How Data and Machine Learning/AI Affect Risk Transfer in the 21st Century” put on by the Argo Group, an international insurance firm, based in San Antonio. Argo Digital is hosting the panel and a party starting at 5 p.m. on Sunday at Casa San Antonio at the Half Step. (Full disclosure: Argo is advertising with Silicon Hills News)

Choose SA has a list of all the speakers and panels at its website. It also has a list of special events like a breakfast taco showcase on Friday and a Life is Better in Texas party at the Old School Bar and Grill on Saturday.