National Instruments announced this week it has opened an Industrial IoT Lab in Austin.

The new lab will focus on technology that connects things to the internet including microgrid control and communication, advanced control for manufacturing and asset monitoring for heavy equipment.

National Instruments will also work with other companies to make sure devices work together. In particular, the lab will focus on communications protocols, controller hardware and other software and hardware.

The lab’s sponsors include: Analog Devices Inc, Avnu Alliance, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Industrial Internet Consortium, Intel, Kalypso, OPC Foundation, OSIsoft, PTC, Real-Time Innovations, SparkCognition, Semikron, Viewpoint Systems and Xilinx.

“We are excited to strengthen partnerships with other world-class technology companies. A working showcase for new technologies can help all companies involved drive breakthrough innovations for utility grids, manufacturing, asset health monitoring and several other industries,” Jamie Smith, business and technology director at NI, said in a news release.

NI, founded in 1976 in Austin, creates hardware and software platforms for a variety of industries including healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics and more.