SiliconHillsNewsLogoSilicon Hills News has covered the Central Texas technology scene for five years now and we have noticed a huge gaping gap in coverage.

The Austin and San Antonio region simply does not have a technology reality show that showcases all of the innovation gurgling up from the natural springs of this fertile cutting edge, paradigm shifting Internet Oasis.

So when we see a gap, we seek to fill it. And that’s exactly what we plan to do with our new Innovative Coworking House of Innovation. We’ve rented a big party house through HomeAway (just kidding) and we’re going to live in it. And we’re going to select a dozen startup entrepreneurs with game changing, big ideas, nothing little will be allowed, to move onto the lawn for six months. Each week a startup entrepreneur will be voted off the lawn and an old man (like 35 or even 40 years old) will come out of the house and yell at them to “Get Off My Lawn!” In the meantime, they will have to construct their own shelter with supplies they find in the wild, known as the cul de sac. We’re on the hunt for entrepreneurs looking to harvest water from meteorites or Mars or wherever the heck else we can steal water to supply the thirsty Texas cities sucking the aquifers dry. We’re also looking for someone to create that loopy thing to take us in a pod from Ray’s Drive Inn for puffy tacos in San Antonio to Round Rock Donuts in a few minutes without getting pod sick. Heck, we’ll even accept someone who can create a food pill that imitates tacos and donuts and a virtual reality headset of the venues so we never have to leave the house again. Other world changing ideas might include an invention that lets us read a book again or a Godzilla-like robotic monster that eats pollution and farts clean air.

All of the entrepreneurs accepted into the program will be put through a series of psychological tests which involve identifying a hiptser, hacker and hustler and also picking out satirical posts without consulting sites like Snopes. And all contestants will also be put through a physical obstacle course that involves throwing other contestants under a real bus, scaling a giant wall and pitching with a pitch fork. By the end of the first week, all contestants must have a minimal viable product and revenue of no less than $1 million or they will be disqualified.

The program also features weekly mentor sessions with Peter Thiel, Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, Mike Judge, Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, Willie Nelson and Robert Earl Keen. (If these actual people cannot be present because of a conflict in their work schedule, a suitable substitute mentor will be found through the Austin-based FindASubstituteMentorforaCelebrityYou’veBooked
WhoinNoWayPlanstoCometoYourEvent App.) More details will be posted soon.