The Zebra, a car insurance comparison and aggregation startup, introduced its ICSPA or In-Car Selfie Prevention Alarm, a new vanity monitoring technology on Friday.

Aceable, the driver’s ed app, announced that Willow Smith, the 15-year-old daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, contacted the Austin-based startup through her assistant because she’s interested in getting her driver’s license through Aceable’s California Drivers Ed.

At the University of Texas at Austin, President Gregory L. Fenves’ appointed a special task force on efficiency led by “lame duck Student Body President Xavier Rotnofsky and lamer duck Vice President Rohit Mandalapu.”

The Texas Comptroller issued a press release saying it plans to begin issuing #txcurrency with a $10 denomination featuring Willie Nelson.

And the Austin Chronicle is reporting that President Barack Obama just can’t get enough of the Austin tech and taco scene. The paper is reporting that the President plans to move here after his term is up.

Silicon Valley Pied Piper fans will love this one. At X, formerly Google[x], its mission is to invent and launch moonshot technologies that can make the world a radically better place — from self-driving cars, to internet-powered balloons, to energy kites, to self-flying delivery vehicles.

Today, it hired its first-ever Chief Compression Officer, Richard Hendricks, to lead the brand new Compression Team and make big ideas “smaller.”

A free hook up service at your local green grocery store? Yes, there’s an app for that. Austin-based Whole Foods announced this morning it is launching an in-store dating app called Main Squeeze.

From Space Salt to a Roomba that gives Zumba lessons, the Washington Post has compiled the most comprehensive list we’ve seen on brands making product and service announcement today.