Greenbelt GreensThe salad days are here to stay in Austin.

And thanks to a new Austin-based subscription service, Greenbelt Greens, people can get chef-designed salads and grain bowls sent straight to their doorstep. The startup just launched its service this week.

Customers can personalize their deliveries when they set up their Greenbelt Greens profile. They’ll be asked about dietary restrictions and nutritional goals. Greenbelt Greens will then suggest a list of possible meal ingredients, which customers can tweak to their taste.

“Prior to your weekly delivery, you’ll be provided with your upcoming menu. You can review and request to remove any ingredients or swap out for your weekly ‘back-up’ meal,” according to the company.

Greenbelt Greens 2
Greenbelt Greens uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and produces their salads locally. It never provides frozen ingredients. It also puts the full nutritional content on every meal.

The service cost $10 per meal, delivered. Salads and bowls come packaged in reusable mason jars (we’ll pick the empty jars up from you when dropping off your next order), and are ready to eat with the twist of a lid.

(Full disclosure: Greenbelt Greens is a sponsor of Silicon Hills News and this is a sponsored post)