imgresEdgecase, which provides data and analytics for e-commerce sites, announced this week it has received $7.5 million in venture capital.

The Austin-based startup received the funds from lead investor Austin Ventures and other investors. The company plans to use the money for research and development and sales and marketing.

To date, the company, founded in 2012 and formerly known as Compare Metrics, has raised $15.5 million. Edgecase makes a software as a service solution for retailers. Its customers include Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, Sur La Table and Urban Decay. With its software, Edgecase helps consumers find what they are searching for online. Edgecase claims its software can find products ten times faster and at half of the cost it would take a retailer to scale and manage its data on its own.

“I am proud to report that Edgecase continues to deliver record-breaking results for our retail clients. To have ongoing investment from our investors, including Austin Ventures, is gratifying and is a testament to our progress to date as well as our shared excitement for our future plans,” Susanne Bowen, CEO, Edgecase, said in a news release. “In the past year, we have grown revenues 245 percent and have grown bookings over 100 percent. We plan to grow our team 50% in the next year to support our continued growth and innovation.”