Screen shot, courtesy photo.

Screen shot, courtesy photo.

In a parody movie trailer “Forget Steve Jobs, get ready for Michael Dell’ the Conan O’Brien show had a little fun taking a poke at Michael Dell last week.

But Dell showed he had a sense humor.

In a tweet on Friday, Dell posted a picture of himself with a sleek new Dell laptop and wrote “I said make it thicker! And where’s the fan?!”

That was in response to the actor who portrayed Dell in the skit. In one scene, he instructs his employees during a meeting to “Don’t think different, think same.” He also tells them “And guys we need to make these laptops really thick, with the fans in the back so they can see them cooling down.”

The skit is in response to yet another Steve Jobs movie which hit movie theaters this weekend nationwide. The O’Brien trailer contrasts the late Jobs’ mythical technology industry status with that of Dell, who is a bit more low key.

Also, the latest Jobs’ movie is based on a book written by Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs. He also wrote a book on the computer industry called The Innovators. And he kind of left out Dell’s contributions.

Despite the jabs, Dell has done pretty well with his strategy. The 50-year-old self-made billionaire took the company he founded private a few years ago in a deal worth $25 billion. And Forbes lists him as the 47th richest man in the world.