Mirna Therapeutics is Austin’s Newest Public Company

Licensed from iStockphoto.com

Licensed from iStockphoto.com

Mirna Therapeutics became Austin’s newest publicly traded company last week.

The biopharmaceutical company, which is developing therapies for the treatment of liver cancer, filed an amended S-1 Registration document with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission to offer 6.2 million shares at $7 a share to raise $44 million during its initial public offering last Thursday.

The company is now listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol MIRN.

Mirna Therapeutics, founded in 2007, has raised $82.8 million from 16 investors in four rounds, according to its CrunchBase profile. The company is currently in Phase I clinical trials with its microRNA replacement drug therapies to jumpstart the body into suppressing cancerous tumors. It plans to use the proceeds from its IPO to finance further development of its drugs and for clinical trials, according to its registration statement.

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