Curb_hardware&softwarebigCurb, an Austin-based energy tech startup, has raised more than $44,000, almost double its $25,000 goal for its Indiegogo campaign for its smart home monitoring system.

The three year old company launched its Indiegogo campaign June 22nd and it runs through July 21st. Curb makes a monitor that tracks all electricity usage in a house and can help homeowners reduce their energy consumption and save money.

Curb makes a sensor box that connects to a house’s circuit break and analysis electrical usage. The company also makes a software that tracks the amount and cost of energy used by different rooms, devices and appliances. It even tracks them when they are turned off and it can alert a homeowner when electrical equipment starts to fail.

Curb provides a mobile app, web dashboard and weekly email report to let its customers easily track their energy use.

Curb has been testing its technology for the past 18 months in more than 175 houses and businesses. The Curb system starts at $249.