PeeplePeeple, a smart camera that attaches to the peephole of a front door, just launched its Kickstarter campaign today and is close to meeting its $50,000 goal.

The Austin-based startup participated in the Highway1 Hardware startup accelerator in San Francisco last year and created quite a few prototypes before perfecting its product.

The Peeple camera mounts to a peephole or can be stuck on the glass of a door. It has sensors and a battery that communicate to a smartphone whenever someone opens the front door or knocks at the front door.

Chris Chuter, a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in electrical and computer engineering is the co-founder of the company along with David Genet, with a background in mechanical engineering and architecture and Craig Sullender, an electrical engineer. They received $50,000 in a seed investment from participating in the Highway1 program.

Peeple, founded in November of 2013, won the AngelHack hackathon in Austin. It beat out more than 30 projects and that convinced the founders to pursue the project full time.

The company sold out of the super early bird Peeple cameras for $99 and the $129 early-bird Peeple cameras. It is now selling the devices for $149 a piece.

So far, Peeple has raised $32,574 from 252 backers during and it just launched its Kickstarter this morning.