Reporter with Silicon Hills News
CCGkAZCVEAEBrUAMobile StemCare won the Emerging Medical Technology Symposium’s fast pitch competition.

The two-year-old startup, founded by Ramon Coronado, a University of Texas at San Antonio PhD student, provides stem cell care to pets.

The company, based at Geekdom, uses adult stem cells, taken from the animal, to treat traumatic injuries, degenerative diseases, non-healing wounds and other ailments in pets. The Mobile StemCare has a mobile lab that travels to different vets throughout San Antonio. So far, the company has treated dogs, cats, horses and even reptiles and birds, Coronado said.

Mobile StemCare charges less than $1,000 for its treatment, compared to up to $3,000 or more for its competitors, Coronado said.

During his pitch session, Coronado showed a brief video of a dog, which had been severely injured during a house fire, before its treatment as hobbling around and after its treatment as running like a young puppy. That video likely won the audience over at the pitch session. The audience voted for the winner via a mobile app, VoxVote.

As the winner, Coronado received a $1,000 check from the Targeted Technology Fund, a venture capital investor focused on the medical and technology industry in San Antonio. Silicon Hills News did this story on the company two years ago when Coronado participated in the UTSA Boot Camp.

Mobile StemCare faced strong competition with seven other startups in the competition.

Fred Dinger, a serial entrepreneur, pitched his latest venture, Aerin Medical, a startup focused on solving breathing problems. Aerin has created a device that treats patients in the office with a device to open up their air passages so they no longer need breath right devices or surgery to breath easier.

David Spencer, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, also unveiled Pryor Medical, a startup that has created a device, REBOA, to stop truncal hemorrhaging aimed at helping wounded warriors and civilian trauma victims.

Gabriele Niederauer, CEO and President of Bluegrass Vascular Technologies, pitched the company’s technology to provide central vein access for hemodialysis patients.

Cynthia Phelps presented Inner Ally, a mobile app targeted at providing follow up treatment and care for recovering alcoholics.

Mac Sweeney, CEO of Microdermis, showed of its Provodine product which is a topical professional antiseptic used in healthcare environments that can kill viruses such as Ebola for up to 12 hours.

Buddy Long, CEO of Perseus Holdings, based in Austin, pitched the startup’s novel antigen delivery mechanism to treat a variety of cancers.

John Taboada presented Lumedica, which has created technology to provide more effective treatment for cataracts.