Screenshot 2015-04-01 12.51.47Got a hankering for a new Mercedes Benz and some Cheetos?

Then Burpy, the Austin-based startup that delivers groceries, has got you covered. The company announced today the launch of same day delivery of cars to consumers in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

“We believe including cars into our product listings will not only interest people, but will serve as an efficient and innovative means to avoid the stress and hassle of car dealerships,” Aseem Ali, co-founder and CEO of Burpy, said in a news release.

Now who hasn’t sat around and said I wish I could buy a car online and get it delivered today?

Burpy has the solution to that problem. It charges just a $99 delivery fee when a customer places a car order. And it guarantees delivery within three hours or less.

Hm…let’s see. The company sent out the release at 2:30 a.m. on April 1st, which is what? April Fools’ Day!! Burpy has the cars listed on its special page, which goes away after a person visits the site and comes back, according to a spokeswoman.

And, the world’s largest job site, saw a big need in the marketplace to give pets a job. Today, the Austin-based company announced its news feature “Jobs for Pets.” If you’ve got a lazy dog or cat that just lounges around the house waiting for the next treat, here’s a way to have them earn their keep as a physical therapist, fitness manager and more. After all, “Pets are the future of the workforce,” according to Indeed.

And everyone is trying to be just a little more green these days. The folks at Austin-based Whole Foods are totally tuned into that trend. They’ve announced Underplants, plant-based underwear – a product we all can use.

“From local gardens straight to your drawers, we bring you Underplants, the first compostable, plant-based underwear made of organic fruits and vegetables,” according to Whole Foods. Founders Seymour Beets and Cora Jette have a patent on vegetebras, planties and men’s boxer leafs.

“These aren’t your standard coconut bras and fig leaves,” Jette said in a blog post. “We’ve worked hard to put the delicata in your delicates.”

And for further proof we’re living in a hipster’s paradise check out Eric Bandholz, founder of Beard Brand. In a Youtube video released today and a blog post, Bandholz announced the startup’s launch of Beard Brand’s Yeard E-Z $299.99 beard extension made from real human hair.

“This stuff is phenomenal,” Bandholz said.

And in other news,, an insurance research site, is reporting that “the average U.S. citizen sees more of Progressive’s perky spokeswoman, Flo, than they do their own mother. The study, conducted in early 2015, brings attention to the ever-growing quality time crisis in this country, and also highlights just how connected we are to screens as a society.”


This may be a joke, but it also might be a good time to give your mother a call or pay her a visit.

Lake Travis Lifestyle is also reporting that Lake Travis will be full by Fourth of July thanks to the Lower Colorado River Authority’s purchase of an iceberg, which is being selected right now.

“Scheduled for the first week of May, the three-week journey will begin west of Greenland in Baffin Bay,” according to Lake Travis Lifestyle. “The iceberg will be lassoed by large tow boats that will pull the massive ice cube through the ocean waters. They’ll head south along the East Coast of the United States, through the North Atlantic Ocean, down and around Florida through the Gulf of Mexico and up to Galveston.”

aprilfools-1And in other Austin news at the University of Texas at Austin, a $374 million development will convert the UT Tower and surrounding mall into a luxury mixed use development featuring 200 condo units and 70,000 square feet of retail space.

The development will feature “global brands like the Apple Store and West Elm with homegrown businesses like Bird’s Barbershop, Antone’s, Juiceland, Pure Austin Fitness, Lucy’s Fried Chicken, a gluten-free bakery, and a not-yet-named bone-broth dispensary. It will also boast a terrace-level dog park and food trailer courtyard exclusively for residents.”

CBg8rlaUcAE0EWkAnd in San Antonio, iHeartRadio has changed its name and its format to iHarpRadio. I must say, it’s a very soothing site. No more rock and roll, rap music and whatever else the kids are listening to today. A throwback to good old fashion values and awesome harp music. Tune in and check it out for yourself. My personal favorites are “Piece of My Harp” by Janis Joplin and “Harpbreaker” by Pat Benatar. We think you’ll be signing up for harp lessons toot sweet!

And Google Fiber, which launched in Austin recently, has launched Google Fiber dial up mode to give Internet surfers slower speeds to give them more time to relax.

So far, those are the best local April Fool’s Day pranks we’ve seen. But we’re on the hunt for more. Please send April Fool’s press releases and prank citing’s to Laura Lorek.

Mashable has a great list of 2015 April Fool’s jokes.

Google seems to love this holiday. It has released the Google Panda, PacMan Google Maps, Smartbox by Inbox #ChromeSelfie, the backwards Google Domain and Google Japan’s Keyless keyboard.