austin_fiber_vanGoogle Fiber sign ups have gone live in South and Southeast Austin.

Residents in those areas can now sign up for Internet that’s 100 times faster than today’s basic speeds.

“This is just the beginning,” Mark Strama, head of Google Fiber Austin wrote in a blog post Monday. “We’ll be opening new areas of the city for signups on an ongoing basis, and we hope to bring Fiber to every neighborhood in Austin that wants it.”

It costs $70 for data and $130 for data and TV for consumers. Google also offers a small business plan for $100 a month through its Early Access Program for Google Fiber for Small Business.

“Austin is already booming with ambitious and creative entrepreneurs, and we can’t wait to see what small businesses do with Fiber,” Strama wrote in his post.

There’s also deadlines listed for signing up.

For more information, Google has opened its Fiber Space in downtown Austin at 201 Colorado Street. The public can stop by and “take Google Fiber for a spin, sign up for service, and see firsthand why speed matters,” according to Strama. “The Fiber Space is also a gathering place for the Austin community, so be sure to check out the schedule of events happening this month.”