w-5bqGvFZcAeEftdRDA27sBoOTEEJfPGo8K8ZWy7VZAWilliam Hurley, known as Whurley, formerly the creative “evil genius” behind Chaotic Moon, has left that company to co-found a new financial technology company, Honest Dollar.

Henry Yoshida, a certified financial planner, co-founder and principal of The Maresh Yoshida 401k Group, with more than $1.3 billion under management, is his co-founder.

“We are forming the company this week, gathering investment next week, then launching the company officially at a party during SxSW on March 14th 2015,” Whurley wrote in an email message. “Currently we haven’t taken on any investment in the company. We are opening a convertible debt round next week. Anyone interested can contact us directly about the specifics.”

Not much is known about the Austin-based company at this time other than they launched their Facebook page today and they have T-shirts with the slogan “Honesty is the New Policy.” And Whurley will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the new startup.

Honest Dollar has five employees.

“We’re hoping to keep the number of employees low, but will scale as needed to meet the demands of the business,” Whurley said.

RC2Tcl8rABfSiaI7FNW-5vNSSrUHt4KnbVomc8FerSgHonest Dollar is currently looking for office space.

“We actually just started yesterday so we’ve been touring office space yesterday and today but haven’t seen anything we’ve really fallen in love with yet,” Whurley said. “We’re focused on downtown, but parking is a nightmare in almost every case. If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears.”

Whurley co-founded Chaotic Moon in 2010 with Ben Lamm and Mike Erwin. They launched Chaotic Moon Labs, a research and development division a few years later. He officially left his daily role at the company on Oct. 1.

Whurley, who holds 14 patents, previously worked at IBM where he was a certified “Master Inventor” and Apple.