Krimmeni Technologies, a cyber security firm, announced Thursday it has received $11.7 million in Series A funding from Third Point Ventures and Pelion Venture Partners.

The startup makes ultra-secure communications technology for Cloud-based data centers and focuses on the Internet of Things market.

As a result of the deal, Third Point Ventures Managing Partner Robert Schwartz and Pelion’s Managing Director Carl Ledbetter will join the company’s board of directors.

The company previously raised an angel investment, bringing its total investment to $12.9 million. It plans to use the money on product development, marketing and sales and to hire additional employees.

Krimmeni Technologies is tackling the market to provide security for a wide range of devices from thermostats to wearable fitness devices to car sensors that will beaming information up to the cloud-based data centers as the Internet of Things market takes off.

“Security solutions based on software alone are insufficient to protect against pernicious attacks from highly sophisticated hackers,” David Lundgren, CEO of Krimmeni Technologies, said in a news statement.

Krimmeni Technologies is a cyber-security company founded by veterans of Apple and Broadcom, with offices in San Francisco and Austin.