imgres-4Filament Labs raised $1 million in a seed investment led by the Mercury Fund.

The Austin-based company plans to use the money to develop its Patient IO platform for health professionals. The patient portal allows doctors and other caregivers to put information about the patient’s treatment online, including doctor recommended homework and medicine and deliver it to the patient’s smartphone.

Filament Labs was part of the inaugural Techstars class, which held its Demo Day last October. The company previously raised $160,000 as part of the Techstars program.

“Mobile care plans create informed, accountable patients, contributing to improved outcomes and decreased costs for accountable health care providers. With this funding, we will continue to modernize paper-based care plan programs and bring them into the digital era through the Patient IO platform,” Filament Labs CEO Jason Bornhorst said in a news release.

Filament labs has already tested its Patient IO platform with about 4,000 patients in a partnership with Corinthian Health Services and Arcadia Home Care, which are also investors in the company. It plans to expand the service to additional 4,000 patients in June.