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iStock_000024599885SmallThe world is experiencing a data explosion.

Datical seeks to help companies manage all that data flowing through their organizations.

The Austin-based startup has created software that lets companies update applications on their databases easily and efficiently.

Last week, the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce named Datical as one of its A-List Startups to watch for 2014.

So far, Datical has raised $4.7 million, according to its Crunchbase profile. Last December, Datical closed on a $3 million Series A round of funding led by Mercury Fund.

Its flagship product is Datical DB software, based on the open-source project Liquibase, which is used by hundreds of organizations. The software can help companies forecast how a database change will affect production and it makes it easier and faster to update databases.

“Essentially, it allows development operators and database administrators to sort of collaborate on database change management,” explains Pete Pickerill, vice president of products and co-founder of Datical. “We think everybody with a large-scale web-presence would benefit.”

W20 Group, a Datical DB customer, uses it to analyze large volumes of online interactions for information about its customers in health, technology, and consumer products.

“Datical DB gives our teams complete visibility into all of our relational database environments, and integrates seamlessly with our continuous integration process,” says says Steve Blackmon, Director of Data Sciences at W20 Group.

Datical DB eliminates manual change scripting and the errors that can result with automatic script authoring, Pickerill explains. The solution works within existing application release processes, using existing tools. This reduces risk and cost and speeds time to market, he says.

Datical only emerged from stealth mode in October of 2013, but its management team is experienced: Datical is co-founded by Daniel Nelson, Datical CEO; Robert Reeves, Datical CTO; and Pickerill — all founders of Phurnace Software, which was acquired by BMC Software in 2010.

Mercury Fund, a seed-stage venture capital firm, focuses on tech innovation. Datical was an appealing investment for the firm for multiple reasons, explains Aziz Gilani, Director at Mercury Fund and a Datical Board Member.

“Their unique business model makes developing new functionality very fast and provides a loyal, active user base for Datical to tap into,” Gilani says. “We invested for these reasons, but primarily because of Datical’s experience and track record.”