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At the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. an exhibit contains artifacts and information about the invention of Ethernet.
The invention turned 40 years old last year.
Its inventor, Bob Metcalfe, now professor of innovation at the University of Texas at Austin, is focused on creating the next revolutionary company in Austin. Last week, he brought nine startup companies to Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto, deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, in hopes of igniting the next big ideas.
Those companies had nine minutes to pitch their ventures before venture capitalists Thursday at the Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club.
The UTinSV event is about building the connective tissue between two regions, said Kyle Cox, director of IT and Wireless with the Austin Technology Incubator.
“Capital travels. Ideas travel. Anymore the world is getting smaller. And Bridging the gap between these regions is a good thing,” Cox said. “It requires visibility and getting in front of each other and interacting.”
It’s a warm introduction to the community, said Joseph Kopser, founder and CEO of RideScout, a smartphone app that aggregates all ground transportation options.
“I have no expectations that I’m going to get checks or cash stuffed into my pockets tonight,” Kopser said. “What this is the beginning of a relationship.”
RideScout has raised more than $1.5 million in a seed stage round and is currently raising money, he said.
M87, a company that makes an amplification software system for mobile phones to get better connections, also met with potentials partners and handset manufacturers in Silicon Valley, said Matt Hovis, vice president with M87.
“It is a very big deal for us to build this in Austin and stay in Austin,” Hovis said.
The following companies pitched:

AdBM Technologies – it has created a noise abatement system to protect marine life from underwater oil and gas drilling operations among other applications.

Admittance Technologies – a medical device company that has created a platform called CardioVol, which can help patients with heart disease.

FemtoSurg – “a micro-surgery platform enables precise, targeted medical procedures of the structures of the eye with almost no collateral damage to surrounding tissues.”

Lynx Labs – has created hardware and software to create real-time 3D modeling cameras.

M87 – a software platform that can boost the performance of a wireless phone’s connection speeds.

Ride Scout – a mobile app that aggregates public, commercial and shared transportation services to allow for comparison of all options from taking a bus to riding a bike or hiring a cab.

Toopher – software that prevents fraud and identity theft by using mobile phones for identity verification.

Wise Wear Corp. – a medical device maker that has created wearable mHealth patient monitoring systems.

ProteanSeq- a protein sequencing company.