imgres-3The Austin Technology Incubator celebrates its 25 anniversary and plans to graduate its latest crop of 25 companies during an event Wednesday night at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center.
The ATI, part of IC2 Institute at the University of Texas, will also announce the winners of the Laura J. Kilcrease Civic Entrepreneurship Award and the new John S. Butler Distinguished Alumni Award.
George Kozmetsky founded ATI in 1989 and Kilcrease served as its first director. The incubator has graduated 150 companies, which have created 5,500 jobs and have had nearly $1 billion economic impact on the central Texas economy.
ATI’s latest class have raised more than $60 million in capital. The companies are (descriptions provided by ATI):

Amatra: emergency notification program management tools for federal, local, municipal governments and corporate campuses.

Aunt Bertha: enterprise platform for the social services sector.

BeHome247: remote premises management and monitoring systems.

Black Locus: automated and optimized pricing tools for mid-market and large online retailers.

Datical: database schema automation software for IT Systems Management.

Decision Grid: big data analytics targeting military and security markets.

Evocalize: (formerly Dish Opinion) enables businesses to collect consumer feedback with intelligence to increase customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

Favor: offers anything you want from your favorite restaurants and stores. Delivered.

FlowBelow: aerodynamic products designed for 18-wheel tractor trailer trucks for increased fuel savings. Facebook application that makes it easy for students to collaborate with classmates, teachers and tutors online, targeting the MOOC and tutoring markets.

Ideation Systems: dedicated to the promotion of learning and advancement of science through accessible and affordable technology.

Ihiji: cloud based Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) platform for remote monitoring and maintenance of IP-enabled devices.

Izpitec: develops non-intrusive plasma measurement technology for use in semiconductor manufacturing.

Limelite Technologies: commercial and consumer electroluminescent lighting products.

Loop & Tie: makes it easy to send unique, handpicked gifts to large groups.

M87: delivers the full potential of machine to machine connectivity in the mobile age by moving network routing to the edge.

Nuve M2M: device management platform, initially targeting transportation market. First applications are fuel theft reduction, cement theft and cargo theft.

Omni Water Solutions: specializes in developing and deploying mobile water treatment platforms for reuse initially focusing on the large hydrofracturing market.

Ordoro: shipping and inventory management for e-commerce.

SalesVu: full suite mobile payment platform offering POS-integration, subscription billing, invoicing, e-commerce solutions and report analytics. iTunes for Live music. Enabling real time commerce and sharing of high quality concert audio.

Terra Pave International: ozone-friendly asphalt substitute for roadways.

Toopher: Invisible Multifactor Authentication prevents online fraud and identity theft by using the location awareness of your phone.

Xeris Pharmaceuticals: drug stabilization platform. First application: diabetes.

Yan Engines: novel D-cycle engine retrofit which improves fuel efficiency by 60%, increases torque by over 200%, and reduces emissions.