app1Three San Antonio high school students last year created Apps for Aptitude, a nonprofit organization aimed at kids helping other kids combat illiteracy by creating mobile apps.
Joshua Singer, a junior at the International School of the Americas and Abhinav Suri, a junior at St. Mary’s Hall created the organization and brought Canzhi Ye, a senior at Reagan High School, on shortly afterward. Silicon Hills News did a story on the organization when it was just starting out. Since then, they have won some additional funding, secured nonprofit status through an affiliation with FreeFlow Research and brought on some more students to help with the development of their projects.
Cards for a Cause is Apps for Aptitude’s first iPhone app, Ye said.
“It is the premier way for students to study flashcards while making a difference in the community,” he said.
Apps for Aptitude plans to donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the app sales to local illiteracy fighting organizations.
“San Antonio’s illiteracy rate is astoundingly high, and we’re out to bring it down as much as possible,” Ye said.
The app provides access to the largest flashcard database in the world, Quizlet, according to Ye. The app also lets students study flashcards using a scientifically proven memory algorithm, SuperMemo2, he said. It also lets students print flashcards to use offline. It features a beautiful user interface designed for iOS7, Ye said.
The Cards for a Cause app costs 99 cents and will be available in the Apple App Store on Tuesday.