SXSW Eco 2013 Award Winners

Photo courtesy of SXSW Eco

Photo courtesy of SXSW Eco

South by Southwest Eco this week put the spotlight on the enormous problems facing our planet.
It also showcased innovative entrepreneurs and individuals working to solve those problems and conserve natural resources.
On Tuesday night, SXSW Eco gave awards to two videos that highlight ways people can make a difference in helping our planet in its “Sustainability Goes Viral! Video Competition.”
The winners are “Follow the Frog” and “Rachel Beckwith’s Last Wish.”

This year, SXSW Eco also featured a number of panels and sessions focused on startups. On Tuesday, several companies participated in the SXSW Eco Startup Showcase.
The winners of that competition are Sseko Designs, a sandal company, for Social Impact, New Sky Energy, conversion of industrial waste products into new products, and Blue River Technologies, advanced technology for better agriculture, for Greentech and Faraday, customer acquisition platform for energy solutions, and Watersmart, water conservation software, for Cleanweb.

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