imgres-2Rackspace has just launched programs for information technology professionals looking for training on OpenStack.
The San Antonio-based company founded OpenStack, the standard open-source operating system for cloud computing.
Now Rackspace has launched an online training course and four new classroom-based courses for OpenStack. It has also established a training partner program with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Skyline Advanced Technology Services and Intelligent Cloud Technologies to teach the OpenStack Fundamentals training course, said Tony Campbell, director of training and certification for OpenStack at Rackspace.
“The goal is to help us expand our reach,” Campbell said.
To date, Rackspace has trained more than 500 people and about 1,200 have gone through its programs, Campbell said. Rackspace has seven full time trainers.
The online course will be available in October and will teach OpenStack fundamentals to anyone interested in taking the course, Campbell said.
In addition, Rackspace has added four new public and private classroom-based training courses to its current training offering. Those classes include OpenStack Network, Building Cloudy Apps, Security in the Cloud and Hadoop on OpenStack.
Rackspace is expanding the training programs in response to demand, Campbell said. Millions of jobs are being created for experts in cloud technology, he said. And the popularity of OpenStack is growing. The software operating system turned three this summer and now has more than 10,000 contributors, more than 1,000 code authors and more than 1 million lines of code and more than 200 companies in 120 countries use OpenStack.
The classroom-based courses cost between $2,500 and $3,500 and are available as a public class or a private class, Campbell said. has a list of all the classes Rackspace offers.
Pricing for the online course has not yet been released, Campbell said. The course allows students to complete the work at their own pace and they have six months to complete it.
“The beauty of on demand online courses is gives control to the student,” Campbell said. “They are able to go at their own pace with online learning. They can go on their own path.”
All of the students completing the courses get certificates, Campbell said.