Frederick "Suizo" Mendler, Co-Founder and Luke Owen, CEO of TrueAbility

Frederick “Suizo” Mendler, Co-Founder and Luke Owen, CEO of TrueAbility

For companies needing to assess the technical aptitude of technical job candidates, TrueAbility has a solution.
The San Antonio-based company launched its AbilityScreen this week. The online platform tests the skills of Linux professionals and provides that information to companies.
TrueAbility released its flagship product at LinuxCon and CloudOpen in New Orleans on Monday. The conferences run through Wednesday. TrueAbility is also running a Linux Showdown, a competition for Linux professionals to compete for prizes. It’s the fourth contest TrueAbility has held. The contest which tests Linux professionals in a live server environment is available nationwide online for anyone to compete at
“We make it easy for IT professionals in these cloud technologies to prove their ability,” said Luke Owen, Co-founder and CEO.
The AbilityScreen costs $499 monthly for 50 assessments and $129 for a single assessment. The tool allows employers to measure a job seeker’s abilities in the “technologies, platforms, vendor certifications and industry standards that their company uses today,” Owen said.
To date, the year old startup has raised $2.75 million from 13 investors, said Frederick “Suizo” Mendler. TrueAbility, based at Geekdom in downtown San Antonio, has 10 fulltime employees and two contractors. Its customers include Rackspace, Bazaarvoice and WPEngine.
The company is targeting hiring managers in a variety of industries. The job candidates taking the AbilityScreen assessment must solve real problems in a “live server environment, instead of the traditional technical interview process which typically includes technical trivia, multiple choice questions, or white-boarding exercises,” Owen said.

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