Austin Startups Propose SXSW Panels for 2014

Photo courtesy of SXSW

Photo courtesy of SXSW

It’s South by Southwest PanelPicker time.
That’s the second phase in choosing the lineup of proposed talks at SXSW 2014. The event’s organizers first ask people to submit ideas, then others vote on the best ones and finally the SXSW folks select the lineup.
I’ve learned that some people don’t enjoy hearing all of the new ideas and proposed panels for Austin’s biggest technology, film and music festival.
In fact, some clever folks have created programs to weed out the tweets and Facebook posts about proposed SXSW panels from their social media streams.
But that’s not how we roll here at Silicon Hills News. We’re all about hearing the latest ideas. They all contribute to the overall ideation process. It’s all about brainstorming and finding inspiration from others.
Frankly, I love the SXSW PanelPicker process. It’s a great data set of ideas and if someone was clever they would find a way to analyze all of those ideas instead of blocking them from their social media feed.
Because I’m not clever enough to create such a tool, I relied upon crowdsourcing to come up with the following list of proposed panels from some of Austin’s high tech innovators. And in no particular order here they are:

  • Going From a Terrible Idea to a Real Business: Erica Douglass and Parnell Springmeyer, co-founders of MarketVibe, formerly Whoosh Traffic, talk about how to pivot a tech startup and get headed in the right direction. The company is one of the startups in the inaugural Techstars Austin class.
  • Co-founders Austin: Ricardo D. Sanchez of Co-founders Austin and TheTechMap along with Stefan Brunner and Johan Borge of The TechMap are hosting this panel featuring 10 startups pitching and competing for investors, talent and media recognition.
  • Top Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs: Tina Cannon, founder of Napkin Venture, is organizing the panel which looks at common mistakes entrepreneurs make and instructs people on how to avoid them.
  • How To Spot a Liar with Data: A solo talk proposed by Noah Zandan of Quantified Impressions that uses data analysis to tell if a person is lying.
  • Young Guns & Science Commercialization: Jonathan Van with Alta Ventures is organizing this talk about global technology commercialization and harnessing student intelligence to solve the world’s big problems in energy, security, health and materials sectors.
  • From Table to Tech: The Secret Ingredient: Jane Ko of A Taste of Koko leads a discussion on how restaurants can use social media to engage customers and drive sales.
  • Longhorn Startup Expo: A showcase of University of Texas at Austin Longhorn startups from students and professors introduced by Professor of Innovation Bob Metcalfe. Organized by UT-Austin.
  • Building Games for Every Platform with HTML5: And speaking of Longhorn Startups, Austin Hallock, founder of, has proposed a discussion about using HTML5 for creating games.
  • Innovation Commerce: Intellectual Property 2.0: A talk about creativity and the power of the imagination in the technology field to tackle some of the world’s big problems to create new value. Organized by Tarzan Sharif. Andrew Sanderson is a speaker.
  • How Open is Open Data: A panel on the impact of open data and how to find and bring value to the marketplace. Aman Bhandari of Merck will moderate the panel featuring Susan Strausberg, co-founder of 9W Search, Fred Trotter of Not Only Dev and Michael Atkin of Enterprise Data Management Council.
  • Austin Startup Media Pitch Competition: Susan Lahey with Silicon Hills News is organizing a panel in which startups pitch their companies to reporters. The best pitch gets profiled.
  • How to Make a Good Impression in 50 Milliseconds: Chris Perez, the founder of CityGram Magazine, a digital publication about Austin available on the iPad, is leading a discussion about good design and how it can attract or repel customers.
  • Should You Drop Out of School to Start a Company?: Madeline Vu with 3 Day Startup has organized a panel of experts to talk about the pros and cons of dropping out of school to start a company. The panelists include Cam Houser with 3 Day Startup, Phillip Dade with, Michael Gibson with the Thiel Foundation and Professor of Innovation Bob Metcalfe at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • The Human App Instrument: Sean Killian and Marcus Turner with Atomic Axis are leading this discussion on ways to use fitness data aggregated from people to improve healthcare and overall well being.
  • How Collaboration Makes the Impossible, Possible: Dmitri Iourovitski with Astrotech is proposing a talk on team building and collaboration for entrepreneurs.
  • Funded in Austin: Claire England, executive director of RISE, leads a panel discussion with entrepreneurs who have pursued different types of funding in Austin including crowdfunding, angel investment and venture capital.
  • Austin: Home of the Journey Entrepreneur: Austin’s Bijoy Goswami, with Bootstrap Austin, leads a discussion on entrepreneurial journies and people who are driven by passion in creating their ventures.
  • The New World of Health Care – A panel discussion proposed by Sandeep Kumar of Tech Ranch Austin on the information age of health care.

And the folks at Rackspace also have penned a post today on nine SXSW panels being proposed by its employees. Check them out here.

And Apogee Results has proposed several panels for SXSW
listed here.
And here’s a roundup of Blacks in Technology at SXSW proposed panels.
SXSW Interactive also has a blog post on Startup Austin Programming with various events listed including the Startup Village.

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