framebuzz-logo-on-grey-smallAt Javelina’s on Rainey Street in Austin, FrameBuzz officially launched its online video conversation platform Tuesday.
The startup’s free platform lets people have a conversation while watching a video online. The messages appear in the upper corner of the video screen.
“Social conversations around online video are disjointed right now and filled with spam, giving people a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to video commenting. Instead of using separate social networks to have conversations around videos or using static, after-the-fact commenting, people can use one platform for coherent, threaded, moderated conversations within the video itself. With FrameBuzz, we want those conversations to live on as part of that video, in the moment, anytime someone presses play,” Jason Kohn, FrameBuzz co-founder said in a news release.
The FrameBuzz platform allows video viewers to interact with the content creators. The platform provides immediate feedback on YouTube or Vimeo videos.
FrameBuzz tested its platform with several Austin businesses including UPG Video Marketing, Winding Road Magazine and fashion creators.
“We want to change the way people interact with video. Current commenting solutions simply don’t allow for intelligent conversations around online video. FrameBuzz provides the glue between content creators and video connoisseurs whose interactions will shape the way video is produced, shared, and discovered,” Aaron Lindsey, CEO of FrameBuzz said in a news release.
To use the service, go to FrameBuzz and sign up for a free account and then start commenting on videos online.