sparefoot-movieThose crazy folks at SpareFoot have done it again.
First, they created the SpareFoot calendar.
Now, they’ve launch a new recruiting campaign featuring an over-the-top “mockumentary” documenting the exploits of human resources to attract new employees.
One of my favorite parts is the shock collar on the employee to keep him from gorging on the free chef-prepared food in an effort to curb obesity. Huh?
SpareFoot earned the title of 2013 Best Places to Work in Central Texas among midsize employers in the Austin Business Journal’s annual list. Filmmaker Matt Sobel created SpareFoot’s mini-documentary.
The “Stars” of the movie include SpareFoot co-founders Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali, SpareFoot marketing specialist Jenny Zhang and SpareFoot recruiter Rachel Morse. Numerous other SpareFoot employees also appear on camera. It was shot at SpareFoot’s offices.
“At SpareFoot, we’ve thrown old-fashioned HR out the window. For instance, we do not have an HR department. We have a People Department. All of us who work at SpareFoot are people, not resources,” Gordon said in a news release. “At a growing, successful startup like SpareFoot, company culture matters a lot. Our recruiting ‘documentary’ is a funny way of saying SpareFoot’s culture is not like the rest.”
And oh yeah, SpareFoot is hiring.
SpareFoot provides a free marketplace that lets customers find and reserve storage units online. It works with more than 6,500 storage facilities nationwide.