Chaotic Moon Studios, an app development and software company, has bought ThoughtLeadr, a digital ad service based in San Francisco.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Austin-based Chaotic Moon focuses on mobile content development and ThoughtLeadr, founded in 2011, thought that was a good fit. ThoughtLeadr has created an advertising platform that reaches more than 110 million people every month. Its clients include Virgin Mobile, Toshiba, Pepsi, Sony and Paramount Pictures.
“We were impressed by how ThoughtLeadr is working to create native advertising solutions for brands based around digital content along with the social conversation and context around that content.” Chaotic Moon’s CEO Ben Lamm said in a news release. “We know the challenges brands face as the digital advertising space continues to quickly evolve, especially in mobile. We are excited to collaborate in shaping the future of their platform and building brand experiences for our customers in a native and consumer-friendly manner on devices.”
Chaotic Moon’s clients include Fox, Pizza Hut, General Mills, Microsoft, Dell, CBS, Disney, Marvel and many more.
“Chaotic Moon’s expertise was a great fit for our vision of where user experiences in digital advertising are heading. Their focus on mobile, tablets, and other connected devices aligned perfectly with our goals at ThoughtLeadr,” said Todd Cullen, co-founder of ThoughtLeadr in a news release. “Brands and content publishers are always looking for better, more organic ways to connect with users who are becoming savvy to digital experiences. With our work in aligning brands with authentic conversations around content online and Chaotic Moon’s work in bringing best-in-class digital experiences to the market, we see a variety of compelling opportunities for brands, consumers, and publishers to deliver excellence in each facet of the digital space that keeps our clients on the cutting edge of digital.”