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Josh Alexander of Toopher Photo by Andrew Moore

Josh Alexander of Toopher Photo by Andrew Moore

How can your smart phone make your life more secure? Well, Toopher has created a security solution that uses your phone’s location awareness to provide additional authentication when you login to a website or perform a web transaction.
Focused on creating something that’s “cool enough for James Bond but your mom can use it too,” Toopher’s solution lets your phone prove your identity without ever leaving your pocket.
The first time a user logs in with a Toopher enabled authentication process, Toopher will push a notice to your phone’s app telling you who is accessing what website with what device.
Ideally the “who” will be yourself, and once you accept the notice Toopher will remember the users location. It will then perform the authentication automatically from that location every time you do a login. If someone who is not you – an identity thief perhaps – tries to access that website or service later, the Toopher app will again notify you and you can decline the authorization.
Toopher is already live on several websites including,, and The startup is also close to releasing solutions for several large financial institutions across the country and is creating partnerships with credit card companies, universities, and CRM platforms. While the company is pursuing opportunities for external public website security, it will also craft security solutions for the internal employee networks of large companies. Toopher will be able to officially announce several of its big partnerships in the coming months.
Based in Austin, Toopher was founded by Josh Alexander, Even Grim, Dave Dunham, and Brian Philpott. The company just finished its series A funding round last November and currently has 18 employees.

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