The Funemployment Movie Seeks to Showcase Austin’s Tech Startup Scene

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Photo courtesy of Christine Chen and Moth to Flame Filmmakers

Photo courtesy of Christine Chen and Moth to Flame Filmmakers

The entrepreneur’s reality began to warp as the pitch competition took on a Shark Tank feel. The entrepreneur made an introductory joke…nobody got it. Then the investors began asking more and more personal questions. Nobody would really ask those kinds of questions would they? Soon it was clear, this was a pitch nightmare come true.
That is a scene out of Funemployment, a movie being made in Austin about the Austin startup culture. The film will begin the casting process June 27 and July 2. Some roles will be paid, others are strictly volunteer.
Director/producer and co-writer Christine Chen went to business school at UT and “got sucked up into the startup world in Austin….. I wanted to write something very Austin about the culture itself, from working at coffee shops to networking events to trying to get funding and pitch parties. It’s a world I don’t think a lot of people know unless you’re a startup.”
Chen, who has created commercial short videos for companies, has never done a full-length script before. She’s estimating the film will run about 100 minutes and is similar to two of Chen’s favorite movies: Juno and Little Miss Sunshine. She’s planning to start shooting in July, though she’s still seeking funding. The movie is looking for startups interested in being featured in the movie in exchange for sponsorships.
“It’s funny and quirky but fairly dark,” Chen said, because of the questions entrepreneurs face—like whether they’re going to be able to make their rent. Chen is hoping for some guest appearances from Austin startup icons. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Chen at

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