Tweet, Big Data, Geekery Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Photo courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Photo courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Remember when Google became a verb?
It was 2006.
And now tweet has become a verb too!
The world is getting much more high tech and a lot quicker at that.
In a “Quiet Announcement” on the Oxford English Dictionary site that has been picked up globally by just about every news outfit, John Simpson, chief editor, announced “the noun and verb tweet (in the social networking sense) has just been added to the OED. This breaks at least one OED rule, namely that a new word needs to be current for ten years before consideration for inclusion.”
The dictionary just added a whole slew of new words including plenty of techy ones like big data, crowdsourcing, e-reader,mouseover, flash mob, follow and geekery.

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