eBay's Project Mercury Data Center with Dell, photo courtesy of eBay

eBay’s Project Mercury Data Center with Dell, photo courtesy of eBay

In a move that further focuses Dell on data centers, the company announced it has opened its Evergreen Innovation Center.
The center will work on developing new technologies for data centers. Dell makes a modular data center for eBay that has been named one of the most energy efficient in the country.
Dell and eBay created the Project Mercury data center that looks like a shipping container that sits on the roof of eBay’s building in Phoenix, Arizona.
“At Project Mercury alone, we have been able to achieve unprecedented results. For example, at this site, in one of the hottest states in the US, we have been able to realize a minimum of 76% of the power being used going directly toward computers doing their work. In some cases we have even been able to get that number to more than 95%,” according to eBay.
That’s phenomenal in an industry where data centers gobble up energy just to keep the computer servers and other equipment cool. The industry average is 57 percent of the energy in a data center actually going toward computing power, according to eBay.
Both Dell and eBay are looking at ways to further increase the efficiency of data centers and that will be a main focus on the new innovations center.
“The innovation center will enable Dell and eBay to investigate every aspect of the data center – from the CPU to cooling methodologies – in order to solve efficiency challenges and uncover new opportunities for optimization,” according to Dell.