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ff91bc44-e40d-489f-bae8-e9ba60b6f78e_420Having a baby is incredibly special, and lots of parents want to capture those first few special moments on camera. But with the stress of having a baby, getting all the best moments on camera can be a difficult task.
Founded in Mexico by Carlos Villaseñor, Biovideo works with hospitals in Texas and Mexico to create a movie documenting all the special, emotional moments of your child’s birth – for free. The service is available in the United States at San Antonio’s Methodist and Baptist health system hospitals. It is also available in Mexico for 90% of the private hospitals in Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara.
Parents can sign up for the service on the Biovideo website. After the patient signs a consent form at the hospital, a Biovideo team will handle the entire video process – editing the video remotely through cloud technology. The video is typically completed within 48 hours of the birth. When the new mother leaves the hospital, she can access video and online web page that lets her share the video with family and friends. They can also order a hard copy.
In fact, the Biovideo business model is directly tied to families sharing their videos. Brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Disney, and Pampers sponsor these videos and gain more visibility each time they are shared. The brands pay out more as vides become more viral. The brands will also follow up with the parents through Biovideo as the child develops.
In the future, Biovideo plans to expand in Texas to Austin, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso. The company already has a team of 70 employees and will be hiring as they expand to more cities. The decision to expand in the U.S. is largely due to larger market of parents — the U.S. has about 4 million births a year — and more opportunities to partner with brands. In Mexico, Biovideo only has access to the 16 percent of the population that can afford private hospitals. According to the Biovideo website, the company has already produced 150,000 videos for U.S. and Mexican families.