Photo by Andrew Moore

Kathryn Hutchison with Greenling, Photo by Andrew Moore

Reporter with Silicon Hills News

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great right? But unfortunately, not everyone has time to go to the store twice a week and get them. Now, thanks to Greenling, you can have fresh healthy food come to you.
Founded in Austin in 2005, Greenling delivers locally produced and organic foods right to your front door. The company operates in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston – working with 300 local farmers and food artisans to provide customers more access to that local produce. This enables Greenling to offer certain products that conventional grocery stores like HEB don’t — mostly because large grocers require large volumes of product that only major farming operations can provide. Greenling’s business model allows them to work with a grower of any size and use a network of both small and large farms to meet customer demand. The company is especially supportive of organic produce and has the widest variety of organic items available in each city they serve.
In addition to focusing on convenience, Greenling founder Mason Arnold is also passionate about conservation and sustainability. Greenling makes a special effort to conserve water and fossil fuels in their business practices. By partnering with farmers near their distribution area, using recycled materials as packaging, using energy efficient vehicles, and using specially designing the distribution routes; Greenling reduces the amount of fuel and other resources needed to get fresh produce from the farm to you.
All Greenling orders have free delivery, though there is a $25 minimum on purchases. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Greenling delivers meats, dairy products, bakery items and prepared foods.
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