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images-4This month at SA New Tech: Biovideo shows how it documents your baby’s first moments, SocialREST helps developers get their iOS apps on Facebook, and an Amazing JellyBean fixes your internet connection.

The Amazing JellyBean
The Amazing JellyBean is a physical device that plugs into both your modem and wireless router. It can be used to provide a hard reset to both devices in the event that your internet goes down. This replaces the manual “fix my connection” dance we all know and love (unplug everything, wait, correctly plugging everything back in — in the correct order) with the press of a single button.
Amazing JellyBean creator Jim Pyle originally got the idea for the product when his wife called him at work about a problem with their home internet.
“I told her to go unplug the cable modem and she was like ‘which one is it?’” said Pyle. “The idea that I could just tell her to push one button to reset the internet is such a simple thing to do.”
According to Pyle, 80 percent of all connection problems can be fixed by rebooting the modem and router in the correct way. This includes problems related to power fluctuations on a network that affect the wireless signal or static buildup that slows the connection down.
The Amazing JellyBean is currently working on a prototype Bluetooth-to-phone connection that will allow users to reset the connection with their phones — entirely removing the need to go find the router-modem cables and press the button at all. The prototype should be ready by the end of June.
The Amazing JellyBean is funding their Bluetooth prototype and first round of production with a Kickstarter campaign that raised $13,968.
[Amazing JellyBean video]

SocialREST was born one year ago at the 3 Day Startup event in San Antonio. As of May 7, customers can sign up for the alpha version of the product at Founder Clayton Selby says the alpha product should be out this week.
The SocialREST product will help users connect their iOS apps with Facebook by providing a library of coding “shortcuts” — greatly reducing the time and effort developers must spend writing code for the process. SocialREST will also help developers easily adapt to any changes in Facebook’s API so that the developer doesn’t have to redeploy all their applications.
While SocialREST is not the only company providing this convenience, Selby says they will compete by offering a much deeper coding library as well as analytic services.
“We focus on making the library very, very simple and easy to use for developers. It’s not going be like any other run-of-the-mill library you see out there,” says Selby. “And we are committed to giving you the best analytics with that experience.”
The analytics portion of SocialREST will release later with their beta version. This service will help iOS developers find out how often their app’s social interaction on Facebook results in a conversion — a person actually purchasing their app from the App Store. This lets the developer know if his social media strategy is actually working when he incorporates that app with Facebook in different ways.
SocialREST has already created the foundation of their social data analytics service and is now working on creating a user friendly dashboard interface so their clients can take advantage of it. The first set of these analytics will be available in a month or two.


Founded in Mexico in 2006, Biovideo works with hospitals in Texas and Mexico to create a movie documenting all the special, emotional moments of your child’s birth. After the patient signs a consent form, a Biovideo team will handle the entire video and then will later edit the movie while collaborating with the newborn’s family.
“Before they leave the hospital they get to have their baby’s first movie, ready to share online, as private or as public as they want, to connect with their family and friends,” says CEO Carlos Villaseñor.
Each time a family shares their movie, the brands that sponsor the movie get more exposure through advertising. The brands payout to Biovideo as each movie becomes more viral. Brands sponsoring Biovideo include Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Pampers, State Farm, and others.
Biovideo is available at 19 different hospital systems in Texas and Mexico. The Texas office is based in San Antonio, and Biovideo is available in San Antonio’s Methodist and Baptist health systems. The company plans to expand to in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso in the future.
According to the Biovideo website, the company has already produced 150,000 videos for U.S. and Mexican families.