imageAt the Innotech San Antonio Beta Summit Wednesday at 3 p.m. six startup companies will pitch their companies. The audience will select one startup as the winner of the 2013 Beta Summit and that company will receive the trophy pictured here.
This is the sixth annual beta summit at the Innotech San Antonio conference. It’s a great place to showcase San Antonio’s newest and most innovative technology companies.
This year, Nick Longo, managing director of Geekdom, will serve as the event’s moderator. Geekdom and the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring the event. Silicon Hills News is hosting the event.

Here’s the list of companies presenting at the Innotech San Antonio Beta Summit at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

1. SocialRest is social media for developers made simple. The company, which spun out of 3 Day Startup in San Antonio, takes care of maintaining API changes on social networks so developers no longer have to redeploy their applications. They can simply code and forget about it. With SocialRest, they do not have to go back and fix old applications. Clay Selby is the company’s founder.

2. SOLOSHOT is a first of its kind product that enables anyone – from extreme sport athletes to little league parents – to easily film the action with NO camera operator. The SOLOSHOT tripod automatically keeps a camera pointed towards the subject. SOLOSHOT is manufactured in-house in San Antonio. Scott Taylor and Chris Boyle are the founders of SOLOSHOT.

3. Amazing JellyBean is a smart power switch that reboots your devices in the correct order to solve connection problems. About 80 percent of all Internet connectivity problems can be fixed by simply rebooting the devices, according to Jim Pyle, founder and inventor of the Amazing Jellybean. The company raised more than $10,000 on Kickstarter in a recently successful campaign.

4. Kirpeep, which stands for Keeping It Real People, is an exchange engine working to empower those who provide value to their communities, by making it easy to exchange for goods and services, with or without money. Steven Quintanilla, a 2010 graduate of M.I.T., is the founder. The company received a $25,000 investment from the Geekdom Fund.

5. Sportybird is a cloud-based social platform built for in-game analytics of youth soccer. All collegiate and pro teams around the world use in-game analytics to improve team performance. Joshua Swank and John Trenholm, founders of, are bringing the same technology to youth teams. The company received a $25,000 investment from the Geekdom Fund.

6. Greenhouse connects the crowd of Funders with passionate Founders. Greenhouse recognizes that great companies begin with a great community. The Greenhouse crowdfunding platform helps Funders discover companies that are important to them, lets Funders invest for equity in the companies, and provides Funders and Founders with the tools to build value together. Roberto Rondero de Mosier and Nathan Roach are the founders.

Disclosure: Innotech and Geekdom are sponsors of Silicon Hills News