380984-storypress-for-ipadMike Davis, founder of StoryPress, has gotten a lot of traction for his free storytelling application since launching late last year.
He got the idea for the company when he wanted to record some stories from his grandma, Bea, for future generations. Davis created an iPhone and iPad app that does just that.
So far, StoryPress has been featured in PC Magazine and Mashable. Davis kicked off a Kickstarter campaign April 1st to raise $15,000 for the next version of the software and to enhance its features. So far, he’s raised $4,577 from 92 backers. He’s almost a third of the way to reaching his goal with 17 days to go.
Silicon Hills News also did a Q&A with Davis and Slice of Silicon Hills News featured him in this recent video interview.

Disclosure: Storypress is advertising on Silicon Hills News this month.