01There’s a new game company in town.
And industry veterans Andrew Busey, along with Chaotic Moon Studios, have launched the new venture: Team Chaos.
The new mobile gaming will debut its first title, a collectible card game, Elements: Broken Lands, today in the Apple App store.
The free game lets users engage in all kinds of dynamic adventures, battles and they can buy and sell cards in the marketplace. It focuses on exploration, head to head play, collectability and trading.
In the game, players enter the world of “Arastia, a massive fantasy world, containing more than a dozen continents with thousands of unique battles and maps to explore,” according to a news release. “Along the way, players collect, enhance, and evolve, hundreds of creature and equipment cards. Elements features a player-driven marketplace to deliver a deep economy where players can buy and sell all the cards in the game.”
“One of our objectives in crafting Elements has been evolving the ease of use and raising the quality level of this genre on mobile,” Busey said in a statement. “Our past experience building these types of games combined with the amazing advancement in mobile technology has allowed us to build a visually stunning game that is both accessible and deeply strategic.”
Busey has a lot of experience in the gaming industry. He founded Challenge Games in Austin, which he later sold to Zynga. He also co-founded Pluck, acquired by DemandMedia.
“I had not planned to do another start-up, but conversations with Chaotic Moon and the pace of mobile gaming advancement got me super excited.” Busey said. “This is about passion. We are truly making games that we want to play. And we believe our passion and enthusiasm will result in games that other gamers are going to love playing, too.”